Brands get unique insights from receipt data

Manufacturers of products, who rely on retailers to sell their products to end-users, rarely get the full picture of their shoppers’ behavior in the stores. With our ReceiptScan solution, we enable marketers to gain insights about the shopping behavior regardless of store chain.

How does it work?

The brand runs promotions or a loyalty program to get attention and action from shoppers in various retail stores. By taking a picture of their receipt, the shopper participates in the activation and gets rewarded or participates in a contest. The receipt proves that the purchase happened.

The receipt is processed by the Loyaltic ReceiptScan solution. We store information like purchase time, place, items on the receipt, amount spent and price per item to name a few.

This information helps the brand team to understand the shoppers’ behavior better. Suddenly they have access to the same shopping data as retailers or e-commerce companies have. The possibilities are endless.

Basket size, popular times, popular stores, competing brands and other products on the same receipt are a few examples of what marketers look into through receipt-based campaigns.

Any brand can now launch sales boosting loyalty programs and promotions without having to think about the cashier or on-pack codes. Without on-pack codes, you can eliminate extra costs and improve the efficiency of the campaign.

With the insights gathered, the campaigns and loyalty programs have become much more valuable and not only do they help brands to achieve more sales, but also to understand what they need to do in the future.

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