Selecting the perfect reward for a brand activation

With the right type of rewards a brand can gain massive attention online and in physical stores. There are hundreds of reward options to choose from and the decision can make or break a campaign. One part of our service is to help brands find the right balance between cost and value (the target groups perception) in order to drive brand engagement, sales and loyalty with a high return on the investment.

Selecting a reward that works for the brand, engages the shopper and fits your budget can be challenging. Finding the right partners and creating a unique brand activation is vital for highlighting your brand in the right way and to gain incremental sales and change consumer behavior.

Together with the Finnish brewery Olvi, we recently launched a campaign where the consumers can get a Finlayson towel branded for Olvi KevytOlo mineral waters. The campaign is part of a renewal of the KevytOlo brand image. The reward is available for everyone who buys 10 products during the campaign period. With a strong textile brand like Finlayson, and custom branded towels, Olvi is generating excitement in the beverage category throughout Finland.

A dedicated landing page for the campaign, digital assets to drive traffic online and in-store materials create a strong exposure for the campaign. The bonus with a campaign like this is that long after the campaign has ended the branded products will continue communicating the brand on the beaches and in the homes of consumers.


A big and tasty summer campaign

The summer is almost here, days are long and the sun is shining. It’s also time for some brands to boost their sales throughout this important season. We recently launched a campaign together with Santa Maria, which we really like! And so do consumers as we see a huge interest in the campaign right from the start.

The campaign is live at:  until the end of august 2019 (or as long as rewards last).

The campaign is live at: until the end of august 2019 (or as long as rewards last).

Santa Maria - “Tacosommar”

A collect & get campaign where shoppers earn points for buying Santa Maria Tex Mex products. The rewards include branded towels, movie tickets, streaming services, Instax cameras, Coca-Cola, JBL headphones and more. Throughout the summer the campaign is exposed nationwide in Swedish grocery stores and digitally to drive traffic and engagement.


Taco game to drive engagement and sign ups

A fun Taco game is included in the campaign, where consumers can earn bonus points and also win weekly prizes. The game supports the brand message and engages shoppers to spend more time with the brand.

A creamy game to drive yoghurt sales

We helped Valio in Sweden launch a digital game to drive sales of their creamy yoghurts! The game is communicated on-pack and online in order to gain maximum exposure and engagement.

Consumers can play the game for free for a few times and every week the best player wins a Vässla electric kick-bike! With the purchase of Valio yoghurt, the consumer gains more game plays.

The game is live on  until mid-august 2019.

The game is live on until mid-august 2019.