Felix (Orkla Foods)

The Orkla Foods brand Felix is well known for its ketchup, sauces and frozen foods.



Orkla needed to increase loyalty among consumers who purchases frozen food for lunch. They were looking for a partner who could plan, implement and operate the program.


Our approach

We created a digital stamp card where consumers who register their purchases get a stamp for each purchase and with enough stamps they are rewarded with free meals and related rewards.

The program includes an acquisition strategy, conversion to loyal consumers as well as re-engagement and data insights from buying customers.



The program has been running for many years and it's still growing all the time and tens of thousands of shoppers are actively participating. On top of gaining loyalty and increased purchase frequency, the program gives Orkla valuable insights about the shoppers buying behavior and the effectiveness of their advertising. The response rate to surveys is more than 65% and the open rate for newsletters is 50%.