One of the biggest brands in the world asked us to help them create action in the stores and online.



Coca-Cola needed to highlight their brand in the stores and online in order to secure their sales volumes for a peak period. They wanted to increase the frequency and get shoppers to buy bigger volumes to stock-up for the holidays.


Our approach

We created a collect & get campaign, where shoppers got points from codes that were found under the caps. With the points they could choose from 40 different rewards in all kinds of categories. Loyaltic created the prize pool with a partnership solution, where the prize partners gained exposure in the stores and online in exchange for the rewards.



According to the client it was the most successful marketing activation campaign for Coca-Cola in Sweden in terms of number of participants and enagement. We sourced rewards worth more than 10m SEK without Coca-Cola having to pay for them. More than 30 000 participants earned a reward from the campaign. The campaign was repeated twice and the concept was exported to other countries.